The foundation of my works is an undesigned collection of anything: objects, pictures, impressions, data, ideas, emotions. This move happens subliminally always. When I grew up, I started to reflect on it. Erratic researches on those collections and on their several particles started. What’s the inner sense and what’s it’s given connotation? After the inventory the more delightful question suggests itself: How is it possible to twist those opinions and bring it in the move?

The stranger the things, the bigger the collection, the more it urges me to give an order far away from raster and seed box. It provides attraction to find connection to other parts of the collection. In accordance of ties and differences the combination shows off as creative act. It is leaded by an easy philosophy as the joy of thinking and transferred like free poem. My artistic practice is a bit concepted but less calculated as it may seems. Intuition is more important to me, but nothing to write about. The silent performative act ends after months or even years in a gesture of an object.